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in·te·gra·tion: in(t)əˈɡrāSH(ə)n2017 Annual Report


noun: integration; plural noun: integrations

“bring together multiple entities to function as a whole”

Let us begin with a heartfelt thank you.

With your support, we’ve been working hard to bring together treatment and services to meet a variety of needs in peoples’ lives.

So, what does integration really mean in our work? What does it look like – on a practical level – in a person’s life? How does it impact our communities? Who does it take to bring it about?

That’s exactly what we set out to show you in our 2017 Annual Report.

Individuals + access + a full continuum of services coming together holistically + your involvement = lives and communities changed. Here’s the proof:

  • 3,159* unique adults and young adults received services from us. (*Total unduplicated episodes of care.)
  • Over 300 assessments – a critical key in helping people access treatment and services – were completed by our Community Access team – a 98% increase over 2016.
  • More people found jobs with help from Employment Services – a 28% increase from 2016.
  • 82% of individuals served by the Housing Access Resource Team (HART) received or maintained stable housing in 2017. We also launched the Coming Home Pilot Project and expanded Hospital to Home – both programs serve those experiencing homelessness.
  • 95% of admissions to our Residential Crisis Stabilization Services, Maureen’s House, stabilized their situations without hospitalization for psychiatric care.

2017 was a year of change. We lived the process of integration by forming a new leadership team and organizational structure. It hasn’t been easy, but the process has resulted in renewed partnerships, sense of purpose, and an ongoing commitment to honor the legacy of person-centered, quality services set forth by our predecessors.

Guild’s future is bright. We lead the industry in helping people get the right services at the right time. In partnership with Scott County, we are on track to meet our goal of opening a new crisis mental health and residential treatment center in the summer of 2019 to respond to the needs of our community.

It takes all of us – working together – to achieve the kinds of outcomes in this report. We remain grateful for your support and would love to hear what you think. Contact us at 651-291-0067.

Guild Leaders
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Julie Bluhm                               Mike Sampson

Executive Director | CEO          Chair, Board of Directors

Guild’s 2017 Annual Report was published in September 2018.