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Guild’s roots go back to the 1970s. In the 70s, Hastings State Hospital closed and The Guild of Catholic Women, a volunteer organization, stepped forward to provide housing for individuals leaving the hospital with no place to go. 

In 1990, The Guild of Catholic Women created Guild Incorporated. Guild Incorporated became a separate, not-for-profit organization that continued to provide the services that were originally offered by The Guild of Catholic Women. Guild Incorporated, while working from the history of The Guild of Catholic Women, was no longer affiliated with the volunteer organization that paved the way. 


Guild serves Minnesota communities by providing quality, cost-effective services for those living with mental illness or experiencing long-term homelessness. Our services aim to prevent homelessness, unemployment, the use of high-cost emergency room and hospitalization services, and involvement in the criminal justice system. Those outcomes are significant social issues that emerge when individuals with mental illness go without the treatment and services they need to heal and stabilize.


Our rich history and current position as an industry leader situate us well for the future. Our three main goals are:

  • Expand access and grow our sustainable services.
  • Strengthen our financial health and independence.
  • Serve our communities as the provider of choice. 

As we expand our reach, we will stay resolute in our commitment to meeting unmet needs, as identified by the communities we serve. We are excited and ready to bring our model of integrated care to more individuals and communities in need.


Want to learn more about Guild? View our orientation video below!

In 2020, Guild Incorporated became just Guild.

Guild maintains the organization’s rich history and appreciation for those that came before while looking forward to a future of innovation, expansion, and quality service provision.