Guild helps people find stable, affordable housing in communities of their choosing. Our housing services are tailored to your individual needs and can help you make community connections to meet your goals. Guild knows that individuals experiencing chronic homelessness often face complex and intersecting issues. That’s why we help you navigate the system and identify barriers, so you can find, get, and keep housing.

We Partner With Communities

We have ongoing partnerships with counties, hospitals, landlords, social service organizations, and communities—a robust network working together to help you find safety and stability in your everyday life.

Guild housing services are for people experiencing chronic and long-term homelessness who have had difficulty maintaining housing or for those struggling with a diagnosed mental illness. Many of the individuals we serve face mental illness, substance abuse, chronic illness, and/or trauma.


If you or a loved one are experiencing homelessness, Coordinated Entry is the place to start. Coordinated Entry works hard to connect you to the resources you need to find a place to call home.