Mental Health

Guild provides a range of integrated community mental health treatment and supportive services that work together to provide clients with continuity of care and help them reach the quality of life they want and deserve.  Our services range in intensity so that each client receives the help that is most supportive to their needs and can change as symptoms increase and decrease.   

Many of our services require a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder. Clients may work with Guild across all areas of service for which they are eligible.  Our door is also always open, even when it has been years since a person has last sought our support.  

Client care is:


Care is self-directed and provided when and where and to the degree each client wants. 

Mobile and in the Community

Staff meet with clients where and when they need help and in a location that is convenient and comfortable for them.


We treat the whole person and work to address the impacts of mental health across all areas of life. 

From prevention to recovery, Guild’s mental health services prevent and quickly address crises, support recovery and create stability.  

 Our range of services helps individuals:  

  • Manage symptoms and maintain an effective medication program.  
  • Avoid hospitalization 
  • Find affordable housing and establish a stable and comfortable living situation.  
  • Decrease social isolation and build a support system.  
  • Build living skills, including budgeting, cooking, transportation, and stress management.  
  • Address physical wellness and coordinate medical/dental care.  
  • Help navigate healthcare and social services systems.
  • Assist with employment, transportation, and education options.