guild team

Guild meets unmet needs in communities across Minnesota. We operate with the understanding that each community knows what’s best for them. By approaching spaces with empathy, curiosity, and expertise, we’re able to provide the appropriate services for a variety of different cities and communities. By offering these services, we aim to close the gap in mental health treatment, housing, and employment. 

Specifically, we offer integrated mental health, housing, and employment services to empower those in need. By doing this, we make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals living with mental illness and/or experiencing chronic homelessness. We do this because we believe that when one person does better, we all do better. In short, empowering individuals empowers communities.

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“In 2018, 783 Minnesotans died by suicide and on one night in January 2019, 1272 Minnesotans were living outside. Both of these statistics represent our inability to get the right supports to the right people when and where they needed them. We know we can do better. This is why Guild works tirelessly to ensure that individuals with mental illness and/or those who are experiencing long-term homelessness- receive the practical services they need: housing, employment, and stabilization of symptoms, to live lives full of purpose and meaning. Currently, Guild serves people in all of the seven-county metro area, it is our vision to bring our lifesaving services to more people and communities. We respond to requests for partnerships to bring additional services, as identified by communities, to other parts of Minnesota.”


– Julie Bluhm, Guild’s Executive Director / CEO

Cheryl Peterson, Executive Director of Listening House of St. Paul