Sheri, BHH Team Supervisor

What is BHH? A Blog By Sheri, a Guild RN

Jun 11, 2021

*Blog post written by Sheri, RN and BHH Team Supervisor and Integration Specialist.

The Behavioral Health Home (BHH) team at Guild has the ability to help clients work towards improving their individual health and wellness. The team works hard to help a client identify what they want to improve in their individual life. This may be a rather large goal with a number of steps to get completed, or it can be more simple and is something the client and the team sees immediate results from.

For example, a client may consider getting to the doctor to establish care for the first time a simple goal. But is it really simple? That is not for us to decide!  

For some clients, getting to the doctor can oftentimes be a very big challenge or goal. Calling to establish care or make an appointment can be difficult, transportation can be a barrier, remembering the appointment date before it’s past isn’t always easy, and once you get in to see the doctor it can be hard to remember all the things you wanted to ask and tell them.

The BHH team knows what might appear to be simple can become complex. The team identifies this and helps the client to work through their barriers and meet their goals.

The team doesn’t just assume goals are simple or big. They listen to the client, they ask questions, and they use the experience they have to conquer challenges. They help guide clients through their journeys.

The team understands not every situation will be the same. They continue to communicate with the client to work towards the goal until the client completes it, then moves on to the next.

It’s great to see clients meeting their goals – whether it’s getting to that first doctor’s appointment, losing 10 pounds, quitting smoking, or starting working with a therapist. The BHH team at Guild continues to help the clients meet their goals and supports them before, during, and after the goal is met. 

Our work is rewarded by our efforts and the successes of the clients, big or small.  

Work With the BHH Team

BHH can help you reach your health and wellness goals. To apply, call the team at (651) 286-8605. If you are interested in learning more about eligibility or have access questions, call our Community Access team at (651) 925-8490.