Behavioral Health Home (BHH) Services focus on integrating primary care, mental health services, and social services. Using a person-centered approach, our multi-disciplinary team will support you in reaching your health and wellness goals. 

Increasing health and wellness

BHH Services provide six core services that will help you increase your overall quality of life.

BHH Services provide:

  • Comprehensive care management.
  • Care coordination.
  • Health and wellness promotion. 
  • Transitional care. 
  • Individual and family support.
  • Referrals to community and social support. 

Services to meet your needs

Guild’s BHH Services team is made up of staff with varied backgrounds and diverse skill sets. By working with multiple members of the team, you will develop a holistic, coordinated plan of service that properly meets your unique needs.

We can help you:

  • Access and utilize preventative health care by helping you with appointments.
  • Gain knowledge of health conditions and treatments so you can manage symptoms.
  • Get consistent treatment for your mental health and other conditions by aiding you in navigating through the health care system and coordinating with other providers. 
  • Learn healthy lifestyle habits and cultivate support networks. 

BHH Services are flexible, accessible, and person-centered. Unable to commute to our office or clinics? Don’t worry. We’ll come to you. 

“Behavioral Health Home Services is a health and wellness program that supports individuals in reaching their goals and improving their overall quality of life.”
BHH Services Program Manager


To qualify for Guild’s BHH services, you must:

  • Be an adult living with a serious mental illness.
  • Have a current diagnostic assessment or work with Guild staff to get one.
  • Have active Medical Assistance.
  • Not receive duplicative services such as TCM and ACT Services.

To apply, call Community Access at (651) 925-8490.

Referring providers should complete this Referral Form and Release of Info Form and fax them to 651-209-0148 or email