the Community Access Team

Program Highlight: Community Access

Jul 22, 2021

Guild’s Community Access team connects people to the mental health, housing, and employment resources they need in order to reach their goals.

Community Access is the “front door” to Guild’s services. The team helps callers determine their needs, complete assessments, and understand and access the resources available to them.

The team “provide[s] helpful and clear information on navigating a complex and often frustrating system,” says Laura, Program Manager. “And they do so with care and compassion.”

Community Access is for Everyone

“We do our best to help anyone who calls or sends us an inquiry for services,” says Laura. “Even if we are unable to provide the needed support or service, Community Access staff will make recommendations for other agencies or providers who can assist the person.”

Anyone can call the Community Access line at (651) 925-8490 for help. 

What’s it Like Being a Part of the Community Access Team?

“We wear many different hats and adapt our schedules based on the needs of our clients,”
says Tammi, Mental Health Professional. “Workdays are never quite the same.” 

The team responds to calls, helps callers through the enrollment, assessment, or application processes, and provides them with resources. 

“In 2020,” says Laura, “Community Access responded to over 650 inquiries for services and assessed almost 100 people for referral to Guild’s mental health services!”

Get Connected to the Help You Need

Interested in our services for yourself or a loved one? Start by calling our Community Access team at (651) 925-8490.