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We all do better when we all do better. Together, we fill the gaps.

When reflecting on Guild’s history and current services, a clear theme emerges: our ongoing commitment to meeting unmet needs, identified by the communities we serve. 2018 was no exception, as we worked to broaden our geographic partnerships and strengthen our commitment to each other and to those we serve.

In 2018, We served 2,905 unique adults and young adults (16 – 20) with mental illness in the Twin Cities metro area. The people we served were often also facing other barriers to health including medical conditions, isolation, chronic homelessness, unemployment, poverty, and substance use.

144 people were housed. Having experienced chronic, long-term homelessness, these individuals received housing subsides, which helped them access safe, affordable housing.

73% of individuals receiving employment services were hired in competitive jobs or maintained their employment from the prior year. Guild’s employment services continue to be in the top 25% of similar programs in the nation that use the evidence-based Individual Placement and Support model, based on placement rate (those people who get a job.)

88% of admissions to our Residential Crisis Stabilization Services, Maureen’s Houseresulted in the individuals stabilizing their situations without hospitalization for psychiatric care.

157 People made 5,918 visits to our Community Support Service Centerparticipating in center and community-based activities.

More than 216 volunteers helped guild meet our overall mission in 2018Be a friend to someone who is isolated, drive someone to the grocery store, play sports or card games, help raise funds – there’s something for everyone to do.