The words "thank you, volunteers!"

Thank You Messages to Our Volunteers!

Apr 20, 2021

Our Case Managers are very thankful for everything volunteers do to help the clients they work with. For National Volunteer Appreciation Month, they shared some messages!

“Thank you for all the hours you have spent with my client, you have truly made an impact in his life. He enjoys talking about his turtle with you and looks forwards to your calls and outings.  You have made a huge difference during this difficult time. THANK YOU!!” – Case Manager Robbie 

“I would like to personally thank you for your time and patience you have shown to my client. He talks so highly of you and the time you two spend together. He really enjoys going out to eat with you and trying new foods. I have seen a difference in him since you have started spending time with him and he likes to share your stories with me. You have made a difference in his life. I appreciate that you take the time out of your busy life to spend time with him. Thank you so much for your commitment to the Guild Volunteer program and spending time with my client.” – Case Manager Patty 

“Very appreciative of all Guild volunteers and how they are able to bring some much-needed joy to many of the individuals we serve. Having the volunteer program has helped countless individuals in a variety of ways!” – Case Manager Brittini

“This has been a difficult and isolating year for so many people, but my volunteer’s presence (virtual and face-to-face) has been a huge comfort for my client! I know that he really values my volunteer’s time, and the conversations they have. Bringing that iPad has also been so nice for my client, as it’s given him access to new information and ways to expand his world outside of his assisted living. My volunteer has been a total blessing for my client, and we really appreciate everything that he does!” – Case Manager Erin

Volunteer Friends at Guild meet with Guild clients to help them feel less isolated. These meetings can take place however often and wherever the volunteer sees fit. During COVID-19, friends have met over the phone, video chat, or socially distanced outside. To learn more about becoming a Guild volunteer, click here.