Staff Spotlight: Blaire Butala

Feb 23, 2023

Given the nature of the work we do at Guild, people often think of our clinical staff when they think of us. These folks  work directly with clients on their mental health, employment, and housing. It’s important to us to shine the spotlight on all of our employees, and Staff Accountant Blaire Butala is no exception. Blair has been working with Guild for six months and generously shares her personal connection to the mission in this Q&A. 

Describe your role at Guild. What do you do? What team are you on?

 I am on the accounting team, a part of the finance department. I record the company’s financial transactions and cash flows for accurate reporting. It’s administrative work that supports Guild as a whole, allowing us to continue our transformative work.

What does your average day look like at work? 

My average day consists mostly of data entry, making sure that funds are appropriately allocated for our records and tax purposes.

Why does your work matter? 

My work matters because Guild would not be able to function without the support of the finance department. Our work with donations, pledges, and grants (as well as the billing department’s work with insurance companies) ensures our nonprofit status and facilitates accurate budgeting so that we can maintain financial integrity and growth.

Is there one memory that stands out to you where you really saw Guild’s impact in action? 

Hearing the testimonies from our clients at Ladder of Hope was an incredible experience. Since I do not work directly with clients, it was a great way for me to hear about the transformative impact that Guild has on the lives of our clients.

What’s special about Guild’s approach, and how do you play a role in it? 

Guild’s approach is special because we focus on providing the tools and resources for our clients to help themselves. This allows our clients to be active participants in their own journeys, which creates long-lasting change in their lives. We tailor to each client’s individual needs and help them to cultivate their own success and well-being. My work with our incoming donations and grants allows our clinical teams to focus on helping our clients.

How have you grown in your role at Guild? What new skills have you learned, and/or how has your role changed over time? 

I have already seen a lot of professional growth in my role at Guild. With guidance from the rest of my team, my knowledge about accounting and nonprofits has grown exponentially. I have been steadily learning and gaining new responsibilities, creating a more even workload for the rest of the accounting team. By taking over more responsibilities, it’s also allowed my supervisor to focus on some bigger-picture budgeting and other financial processes.

What would your co-workers say about you, if given the chance? 

I am always willing to lend a helping hand.

What’s one thing you want people to know about your work with Guild or why you work with Guild?

I work with Guild because I can see a real difference being made in the lives of folx who may otherwise not get the holistic care that they not only need but deserve.

You joined the Guild team in part because of the mission alignment with your personal values. Can you share more about that?

As someone who has struggled with mental illness my entire life, Guild’s mission really struck a chord for me. Before I interviewed, I read through Guild’s website, and I appreciated the way Guild focuses on the individual client’s needs. Providing the tools and guidance for real, sustained change and growth creates an impact that improves the lives of our clients. Focusing on equity and creating a relationship with our case managers allows our clients to grow their confidence in themselves while feeling supported in their forward trajectory. Guild creates a safe and trauma-informed space for folx, which gives them the chance to slow down, exit survival mode, and focus on their growth and stability at their own pace. I am thrilled to be working for a nonprofit that makes such an incredible impact on the lives of its clients.

Want to work with Blaire and others like her? Consider joining the Guild team. Visit our Employment Page today.