RN Alex and the quote "It’s extremely rewarding when a client is admitted and through the work that the team at Guild South does that person is set up to have a better tomorrow."

Staff Spotlight: Alex Runk

Jul 15, 2021

Alex is an RN at Guild South/Maureen’s House.

Q: Describe a typical day as a Registered Nurse for Intensive Residential Treatment/Crisis Stabilization Services.

Alex: I can’t say that there is a “Typical Day” at Guild South as things are always in flux to some degree. However, most of the things that I do center around medication administration and management, coordinating with providers and facilities around client needs, and engaging with clients one-on-one in order to create rapport and trust so I can learn their needs and goals and assist however I can in the client meeting those goals.


How did your career path lead you to your current position at Guild?

Alex: In nursing school, I was drawn to the areas of mental health and community health. I worked for an ACT team out of college and then came to Guild’s residential program. I find that my work at Guild South is a wonderful hybrid of the two areas of nursing that interest me most.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Alex: I enjoy being able to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s extremely rewarding when a client is admitted and through the work that the team at Guild South does that person is set up to have a better tomorrow.


What is something you’ve learned throughout your time at Guild?

Alex: Something that I have learned in my time at Guild and in this field is that there is always a solution to a given problem. In any given case there are a lot of moving parts and many different needs that need to be addressed. Sometimes to meet all of those needs you need to get creative and ask, “Why not?” Every individual is so different that sometimes our team really has to stretch and innovate to serve our clients as best we can.


What do you wish people knew about Guild South/Maureen’s House?

Alex: I wish the public had a better grasp on what IRTS/Crisis is. Many people have no idea that facilities and resources are available and are available to most anyone that needs assistance with managing their mental health.


Why are Guild South and Maureen’s House important?

Alex: I think that Guild South and IRTS/Crisis programs, in general, are important for a few reasons. Firstly, the program acts as a transitional care unit for mental health in some ways. It allows clients to have a safe place to learn and practice coping skills before going home after a hospitalization, as well as get any I’s and T’s dotted and crossed such as connecting with outpatient providers or creating crisis or WRAP plans for the client to utilize after discharge. Secondly, IRTS/Crisis programs can help to avoid hospitalizations and further mental health complications that may be experienced without having a supportive team in place to assist the client to stabilize and process their mental health symptoms.


What do you do in your free time?

Alex: In my free time I spend time with my wife Amy, my dogs Rumi and Zoe, and my cat Charlie. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and camping.