See the CSP: A Tour!

Nov 5, 2021

Guild’s Community Support Program Member Center, or CSP, is a place where people in Dakota County living with a mental illness can attend classes, get help with socialization and living topics, and build community. Members can come for activities or drop in during open hours to hang out. 

For those who’ve never visited, let us take you on a photo tour!

reception area

As you walk in, you’ll see the reception desk. Notice we’re taking COVD safety precautions for the health of our members and staff – we always have hand sanitizer ready for guests, and we’re cleaning surfaces on a regular basis!


waiting area with chairs

The lobby.

“I love getting to see new faces and learning new names and getting to know each one of them.” – Erica, receptionist


Big room with tables and chairs, a pool table, and computers.

Welcome to the living room, where members can socialize, have fun, and relax.


Tables and chairs, drink and snack machines, and computer spaces.

Members also have computer access.



The kitchen.

In pre-COVID days, the CSP would host a weekly “Lunch with Friends” event where members would gather to make and eat lunch together.


table with bread and other food items

The food donation table.

The CSP frequently gets food donations from the community and partners with case managers from other programs to get the food to clients who need it.


Room with a long table and chairs and art on the wall

The art room!

Creative endeavors can be great for your mental health, and a great way to express yourself! That’s why the CSP hosts arts and crafts classes and activities for its members. 


whiteboard with the words "Art show 2019" with art around it

In past, pre-COVID years, we’ve even hosted a CSP Art Show to showcase the amazing skills of our clients and staff!


Conference room with a long table and chairs

The Large Conference Room, a room where groups and activities are held.

“I think that the CSP is important because the members feel at home here and they also feel safe here. They get to do so many fun activities and get to interact with other members.” – Erica, Receptionist 


Small conference room with table and chairs

The Small Conference Room, where members can watch TED talks on health and wellness topics twice a week.

“The CSP is a fun place where people can be themselves.” – Diane, Social Rehabilitation Specialist


Two people sitting at a outdoor table in a backyard

Social Rehabilitation Specialists Diane (left) and Megan (right) love hanging out in the CSP’s outdoor space!


Backyard space with trees and grass

The backyard is a great place for outdoor activities!

“The CSP is important because it allows people to make connections. If Dakota County didn’t have a CSP, we wouldn’t have a place for these folks to connect.” – Diane, Social Rehabilitation Specialist


Diane and Megan in front of the CSP

Diane and Megan.

Diane and Megan work well as a team because they balance each other out. Megan feels she is best at leading group settings, while Diane shines in one-on-one client interactions.


A building with trees in the background.

The CSP.


Visit the CSP

Any Dakota County resident living with a mental illness can visit the CSP. You must schedule your first visit by calling (651) 457-2248.

What’s currently going on at the CSP? Check out our CSP page and click the CSP Calendar link to view our monthly calendar of activities and groups!