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Questions About Accessing Mental Health Resources, With Mental Health Professional Tammi

Nov 12, 2021

All too often, mental health services are difficult and confusing to access. During crises, when people are already struggling, the system also presents barriers to finding where to get help or applying for financial assistance.

In response, our Community Access team is on a mission to connect callers from the community with the resources they need. Mental Health Professional Tammi, who helps callers every day, answers questions about the mental healthcare system and shares why programs like Community Access are necessary.


Q: What are the barriers people face to accessing mental health care?

Tammi: People who have mental health concerns face many barriers in accessing mental health care. The healthcare system is complex, and it can be difficult to understand and navigate at times. It can be difficult for people to know where to go for help, or even where to start. Other barriers to accessing mental health care can include limited access to transportation or health insurance, difficulty scheduling or managing appointments, and at times, difficulty leaving home due to mental health.


Q: When people call Community Access, what other places have they typically tried for help?

Tammi: People are referred to Community Access from a variety of places. They get our phone number from doctors, mental health providers, social workers, family, friends, other valuable community resources lines, or they find our information online.


Q: How do programs like Community Access make it easier for people to access services?

Tammi: Programs like Community Access make it easier for people to access services by helping people determine where to start and navigate through the healthcare system. We can provide people with information on how to access health insurance and can also complete an assessment if needed. We work with people throughout the process of enrolling in services and can answer questions and make things easier every step of the way.


Q: How does Community Access improve our community? Why is it important?

Tammi: Community Access helps to improve our community because it is a service that anyone can utilize. We are available to answer questions to families who are looking for help for a loved one, provide resources to community members, and help people remove the barriers that they experience in accessing the help that they need.


Looking for Mental Health Resources?

Call our Community Access team at (651) 925-8490. Calling our team is completely free, and anyone can call for help. The team will ask you questions, learn more about your needs, and help determine what services are right for you. We look forward to working with you!