The TCM team meeting virtually

Program Highlight: Targeted Case Management

Feb 2, 2021

What is TCM?

Targeted Case Management helps adults with a serious mental illness improve their health by connecting them with resources. The goal is to help individuals find stability so they can live independently in the community.

TCM case managers “partner with individuals to help identify goals that are meaningful to them and develop strategies to reach their goals,’ says Program Manager Colleen. TCM’s team often refers clients to other Guild programs or outside resources that can help them. These referrals help clients access care for their physical and mental health, find housing, pursue education or work, and find socialization opportunities. 

Who Does TCM Help?

“TCM serves adults who have been diagnosed with a Serious and Persistent Mental Illness and are experiencing an impact to their daily functioning,” says Colleen.

Referrals come from Dakota County and Ramsey County. Clients who are on Medical Assistance can also be referred through Guild’s Community Access team.

What’s it Like Being a Part of the TCM Team?

“It’s really amazing to see recovery in action,” says former Case Manager Brianna, “and to see how impactful increasing supports or access to resources really is.”

Case Managers get to know clients in order to help them meet their goals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Case Managers work with clients over the phone.

The TCM team is always working to determine the best way to help their clients. Brianna says that case managers don’t always know all the answers, but what’s most important is “really hearing our clients’ perspectives and understanding their needs,” and figuring it out from there.

“Case managers build relationships with individuals that are supportive, person-centered, and recovery-oriented,” says Colleen.

The three TCM teams are named after birds: the Sparrow team, the Bluebird team, and the Dove team. The birds symbolize creativity, community, empowerment, hope, and joy. If you or someone you know needs TCM services, call our Community Access team at (651) 925-9490.