the Delancey Apartments

Program Highlight: Delancey Apartments

Mar 2, 2021

Delancey Apartments is a 13-unit apartment building that provides permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. 

Quita, a Housing Case Manager at the apartments, explains that Delancey Apartments is for “people who need housing stabilization but also need resources and tools in order to be successful.”

Using a Housing First model, Guild’s Delancey apartments gives individuals a place to live first, knowing that safe housing is the first step to overall wellness. With the immediate needs of shelter and stability met, individuals are better able to find success in other areas of their lives. 

Residents’ stay at Delancey Apartments is time-unlimited. While there, they have easy access to resources and the Guild team, ensuring that their mental health, employment, and long-term needs can be met. 

A Solution for the Chronically Homeless

Delancey Apartments offer a long-term solution to homelessness. Without access to stable housing, individuals have a hard time overcoming homelessness due to health conditions, lack of housing options, financial crises, or even domestic violence. Delancey Apartments provides a place for individuals to call home while sorting through various aspects of their lives. Guild’s goal is to help residents find employment (if not already employed), stabilize their mental health, and secure their own housing, so they can successfully move out of Delancey Apartments into a home of their own. 

Individuals are referred to Delancey Apartments through the Coordinated Entry process. If you or someone you know is in need of help, follow that link to start the Coordinated Entry process.

What’s it Like Being a Part of the Delancey Apartments Team?

“A typical day would start with greeting the residents as they come to the community room for resources we offer,” says Quita. “Residents come down on a frequent basis for meals and bakery items delivered to us from a community resource.”

The Delancey Apartments team works with individuals in a variety of ways. Front desk staff ensure that residents are safe and help them get support if needed. Staff from other Guild programs team up to help residents reach their goals in other areas of their lives.

For Quita, the part of her job that she most enjoys is “engaging with residents by meeting them where they are at, and working on their independent goals in order to make them successful with housing.”