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Program Highlight: Behavioral Health Home (BHH)

Jan 4, 2021

What is BHH at Guild?

For people living with a mental illness, it can be difficult to manage their health, wellness, and well-being in addition to other challenges they face. Behavioral Health Home services work with individuals to determine their health and wellness goals and create a plan to get their unique needs met. 

BHH helps clients learn about their conditions, navigate the healthcare system, access consistent treatment, and connect with resources so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The team helps clients manage their health effectively, which helps decrease hospitalizations and treatment costs.

BHH “provides people with a support system that they may not otherwise have,” says Team Lead Sheri. “The team has knowledge and connections in the community that we share with our clients, so they can reach their goals.”

Who does BHH help?

BHH services help individuals who have a serious mental illness diagnosis and are on Medical Assistance. Clients can be referred from other Guild teams, outside programs, or individuals can refer themselves by calling (651) 925-8490. 

What’s it like being a part of the BHH team?

“Much of my day is checking in with clients, providing support to those I supervise, and attending meetings,” says Team Lead Sheri. “I make many referrals throughout my day, collaborate with others, and respond to texts and emails. It’s nice that every day is different as I love lots of variety in my days.”

The BHH team understands that many of our clients face a variety of challenges. That’s why BHH works alongside other Guild teams, such as housing and Care Coordination, to ensure clients receive well-rounded care and get all their needs met. 

“There is never a dull moment on the BHH team,” says Sheri. “We use humor to get us through the hard work we do, and we are resilient.”

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