Nan, Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator

Meet Nan, Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator

May 27, 2021

Nan is a Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator on the Care Coordination team.


Q: Describe a typical day as a Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator.

A: A typical day as a Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator begins with making phone calls to my clients to check in and ensure their questions are being answered and help them coordinate any follow-up care as well as navigate any non-medical services that will improve the member functionality and increase independence. My day also encompasses coordinating with other community providers and working directly with the client’s health plan to set up medical transportation and arrange other in-home care services that would allow my clients to maintain their health and wellness safely in their home.


Q: How did your career path lead you to your current position at Guild?

A: I believe my background in public health and having worked as a mental health practitioner propelled me as the ideal candidate for the Care Coordinator/Systems Navigator position. My passion to serve others and make a difference in my community has been a driving factor, and the fact that Guild’s mission and values are aligned with mine only increased my desire to want to be a part of the work that Guild is doing in the community.


Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: What I enjoy most about my job is helping my clients solve problems. Whether it’s establishing care with a new provider or helping them get approved for durable medical equipment, these accomplishments bring me joy. For many of my clients, these accomplishments may be viewed as a stepping stone or milestone in their journey to physical and mental health wellness.


Q: What’s your proudest memory from working at Guild?

A: One of my proudest memories from working at Guild was when I helped one of my clients to get approved for Ensure, a nutritional supplement. The reason I took so much pride in this is because it seemed impossible at that time that we were going to get anywhere with this because every step we took seemed like a dead-end. I spent several hours per day over the period of three months coordinating and advocating for my client. Getting the Ensure was a crucial part of my client’s wellness goal, so it felt good when we had this accomplished. Other Care Coordinators on my team asked me, “How did you do it?”


Q: Why is Care Coordination important?

A: Care Coordination is important because it improves health outcomes and enhances the patient experience of care. Due to disabilities, many of our clients struggle to access health care services on their own and durable medical equipment when they need it to safely manage their health in their home. Care Coordination makes all this possible. Most of our clients rely on Care Coordination to access essential medical services in the community.


Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: In my free time, I enjoy listening to my favorite podcast (“Something You Should Know”), going for a nice jog, and spending time with my family.