Mary Beth

Meet Mary Beth, Director of Coordinated Health and Residential Services

Oct 16, 2020

With an interest in substance abuse treatment, Mary Beth got an undergraduate degree in Psychology and then went on to get a Masters in Addiction Counseling at Hazeldon Betty Ford Graduate School. After a graduate school internship turned into a job, Mary Beth worked in the substance use disorder treatment field as a counselor.

A Passion for Leadership

Discovering her interest in management happened partially by accident. When a supervisor left on maternity leave, Mary Beth covered her position as the program manager. The job change became permanent when the former supervisor came back and wanted to return to her roots in counseling. Mary Beth and her supervisor essentially switched positions, and Mary Beth found a passion for management.

Seeing that substance abuse and mental health were topics that overlapped, Mary Beth made the transition to the mental health field, directing residential treatment services at a local mental health organization.

Holistic Support and Growth

Mary Beth began her position at Guild as Director of Coordinated Health and Residential Treatment Services in early 2020 after working in residential services for over ten years. She enjoys leading both Residential Services and Coordinated Health, because she is able to use her skills and experience in residential services and is able to learn about Coordinated Health and see the intersections between the different programs.

Mary Beth appreciates being able to work with and learn from other female leaders at Guild. Working in an atmosphere that supports women in leadership is an asset to her. She describes the people she works with as “skilled and passionate experts in what they do.” 

Throughout her career, Mary Beth has learned the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. “If I’m going to be a good employee and a good leader, I need to take care of myself first,” she says. She takes full advantage of her free time, spending time with friends and family, traveling, spending time outside, watching football, and participating in a couple’s bowling league with her husband.

She values being honest and open with her teams and encouraging them to take care of themselves as well. She also likes to get to know her coworkers on a personal level. “Work bleeds into life, and life bleeds into work,” she says. Supporting her staff is a pivotal part of her values.

Mary Beth strives to continue to learn about inequities and privilege in order to be a better leader and more effectively show up for the population Guild serves.

Exciting News!

Mary Beth’s IRTS and Crisis Stabilization service lines are expanding to a brand new facility in Scott County! Mary Beth is looking forward to the growth of those programs and the opportunity for Guild’s old and new residential service facilities to collaborate and learn from each other. 

“It will be a really wonderful place for clients to heal, grow, and learn,” says Mary Beth. Read more about the new Guild Crisis and Recovery Center