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How to Refer Yourself to Guild’s BHH Services

May 18, 2021

Did you know you can refer yourself to Guild’s Behavioral Health Home services? Did you know you can also refer a friend or family member to BHH services? It’s true! And, more importantly, it’s easy!

BHH helps individuals with a serious mental illness meet their health and wellness goals. That can mean helping you navigate the healthcare system, learn about your conditions, find treatment, and get connected with additional resources. 

BHH helps clients manage their health effectively so they can avoid hospitalization.

Who Can Self-Refer?

To be eligible for BHH services, you must:

  •  Be an adult living with a serious mental illness.
  • Have a current diagnostic assessment or work with Guild staff to get one.
  • Have active Medical Assistance.
  •  Not receive duplicative services such as TCM and ACT Services.

How Do I Self-Refer?

Call the BHH Team directly at (651) 286-8605 or Guild’s Community Access line at (651) 925-8490 and ask to be screened for BHH services. 

If you have someone to refer, you can complete a referral form and a release of information form from our website. Once you’ve completed those, fax them to (651) 291-8555 or email them to bhh@guildservices.org.

Once the BHH team determines you or someone you referred are eligible, a member of the team will contact you to schedule an intake. After that is completed, you are assigned to a team of BHH staff members who can help you with a variety of things. They will get you connected with the resources you need to reach your goals. 

“BHH uses social and community supports to help the clients meet their goals,” says Patty, Health Home Specialist. “We connect them to doctors and services they otherwise wouldn’t have access to or knowledge about.”

Give us a call. We look forward to connecting with you!