A Strategy for a More Sustainable Future: Guild’s Philanthropy Department

Mar 16, 2022

Chief Advancement Officer Dawn Marie Nelmark often says Guild is “the best kept secret.” The reason, she says, is while Guild has always had a keen focus on providing excellent, highly personalized services to its clients, it hasn’t been as much of a known quantity in the broader philanthropic community. Guild has benefitted from the incredible generosity of an intimate group of donors, and under Dawn Marie’s leadership, is working to expand its base of support in order to best meet client needs long into the future.

One of Guild’s first steps in this direction is to build a philanthropic culture within the organization. Dawn Marie describes Philanthropy as being the part of the organization that is “charged with engaging the philanthropic community in the mission of Guild, and inspiring their generosity of time and treasure to help us deliver our mission.”  While Guild is fortunate to have long-standing, meaningful relationships with a small group of donors, the philanthropy team will build on that success by establishing and expanding relationships with individuals, foundations and corporate partners and creating new opportunities for deeper engagement. 

Increasing charitable revenue will be essential to Guild’s ability to flexibly deliver its life-changing services. The current revenue model—largely comprised of reimbursements and fee-for-service —limits Guild’s ability to meet clients where they are, with the services they need. A robust philanthropic function will mean Guild can adapt to deliver services according to what clients need, not only what can be reimbursed. In other words, the more sustainable revenue streams Guild has, the better the organization will be able to serve clients. 

Every person needs varying degrees of support throughout their life. Guild stays with people and adjusts services to meet their needs along the way. Just as Guild sustains and supports the lives of its clients, it needs the sustaining and supportive contributions of “time and treasure” from invested partners. 

Meet the Team

If you’ve engaged with Guild or been to one of our events, you likely already know George Boostin, Senior Philanthropy Officer. George is focused on individual donors, the Ladder of Hope event, matching gifts and event sponsorship, and has played a unique leadership role in building Guild’s charitable revenue function into what it is today.



Heather Hammond, Philanthropy Officer, is growing support through current and new corporate sector partnerships and foundations, events and she will also be helping design new, meaningful ways for individuals and groups to volunteer at Guild.



Robin Veal, Philanthropy Services Manager, is responsible for the development and optimization of our Philanthropy database, research, reporting and analytics, and fundraising administration. She is also the lead business partner working to integrate Philanthropy with Finance, enabling Guild to develop a comprehensive financial strategy that supports long-term growth and sustainability. 


Dawn Marie Nelmark, Chief Advancement Officer, oversees the entire Advancement area of which Philanthropy is a part. Dawn Marie brings more than 25 years of nonprofit leadership to Guild, and is uniquely experienced to help the Philanthropy team evolve into its next iteration. You can learn more about her here. 



Guild is currently hiring for an additional position, Philanthropy Coordinator. This position will help build the Volunteer Services function and support the Philanthropy team.

Feeling Philanthropic? 

If you’re interested in supporting Guild’s life-changing work, we’d love to connect with you. Learn a few ways to give here, or get in touch with us directly.