When you’ve had trouble finding and keeping permanent and affordable housing, moving into a place that offers support can make a huge difference. Our Housing Support Services (formerly GRH) help individuals secure housing and develop the necessary skills to maintain housing stability and engage in their community. Guild’s Housing Support Services are available to help with creating a housing support plan, so you can enjoy stability in housing and work towards self-sufficiency. 

Get support. Maintain housing.

Guild’s Housing Support Services connect households with needed services while teaching individuals how to communicate effectively with their landlords. By learning how to advocate for themselves, individuals experience an increase in confidence and decision-making that will positively affect their life. 

Housing Support Services help:

  • Find permanent, affordable housing by helping you talk with landlords, and connect with resources, budgeting, and financial education.
  • Meet tenant responsibilities so you can maintain your housing.
  • Develop skills including household management, problem-solving, and being a good neighbor.
  • Help you learn how to arrange transportation to and from medical and social services appointments.
  • Access other services and support as needed.

Services to meet your needs

Housing Support Services serves up to 140 households in the metro area across Dakota, Ramsey, Scott, Carver, and Anoka County. The team includes a Program Manager, Team Leader, and Housing Support Specialists that can assist you in finding and keeping housing.

“We support people in finding their potential”
Lisa Heuer, Housing Support Specialist


You need a referral from Coordinated Entry to receive Housing Support Services from Guild. Go here to start the Coordinated Entry process.