Our Dakota Rapid Rehousing program serves families and individuals in Dakota County. We know that not having housing can make daily tasks seem unmanageable. That’s where Dakota Rapid Rehousing comes in. We help you find permanent supportive housing and work with you to discover ways to increase your income while becoming self-sufficient.

Become self-sufficient

Being homeless can often become a long-lasting experience. Dakota HSS works to prevent continued homelessness by providing rapid re-housing services to ensure you have a place to stay while you get back on your feet. 

Dakota Rapid Rehousing services help:

  • Find permanent supportive housing that works for you.
  • Increase your income by assisting with employment, job searches, social security, and other benefits you may qualify for.
  • Mediate landlord concerns and build living skills to maintain your housing.
  • Locate resources for other needed services.
  • Connect you with medical care, case management, and more.  

Services to meet your needs

Dakota Rapid Rehousing is a short-term rental assistance program (6-9 months) to assist with the cost of housing while you are working towards becoming self-sufficient. Our team works hard to connect you with housing, maintain that housing, discuss ways to increase your income, and connect you with other needed services during that time. 

“Dakota Rapid Rehousing is designed to keep you moving up and moving forward.”
Angela, Program Manager


To be eligible for Dakota Rapid Rehousing, you must have a referral from Hearth Connection. To get a referral from Hearth Connection, you must first be referred by Coordinated Entry. Start the Coordinated Entry process now.