Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Services help individuals struggling with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) find hope, healing, and independence. We walk alongside clients to help them establish achievable goals, manage their physical and mental health, and build lifelong skills. 

We help you reach your goals

We help you find the tools and resources to learn coping skills to better manage your illness, stabilize your housing, and gain independence. Recipients of ACT Services are typically seen three to seven days per week for skill-building, coaching, medication education, and symptom management skills. ACT Services focus on recovery, so your illness doesn’t dominate your life.

ACT Services help:

  • Manage symptoms and maintain an effective medication program.
  • Decrease social isolation and build a support system.
  • Explore and pursue work, school, or volunteer opportunities.
  • Address physical wellness and coordinate medical/dental care.
  • Reduce hospitalizations and find stability. 

Services to meet your needs

ACT Services are flexible, accessible, and time-unlimited. ACT is an evidence-based practice that is shown to decrease the need for hospitalization and increase the likelihood of maintaining stable housing. 

Our ACT team consists of expert staff that specialize in psychiatry, nursing, peer recovery, therapy, substance use treatment, and employment. While enrolled in our ACT program, you can address your holistic health while learning lifelong skills like cooking, paying bills, and more.

“The best part about working on an ACT team is the opportunity to know people as whole beings. People as people, not patients.”
Peer Specialist, ACT


To qualify for Guild’s ACT services, you must:

  • Live in either Dakota or Ramsey County.
  • Have a serious and persistent mental illness (typically a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder).
  • Have a significant functional impairment, frequent utilization of Emergency Departments, or hospitalizations.
  • Have a health plan such as Medical Assistance that covers ACT services.

Your Psychiatrist, Therapist, Case Manager, or another provider can help you apply for ACT Services. Don’t have a current provider? Call us at (651) 291-0067.

To make a referral, complete this form and fax it to (651) 291-8555 or email

Our ACT services are accredited by CARF.