Mental Health Awareness Month: Join the Movement 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as an advocate for mental health and a member of the Guild community, we invite you to spread the word about how and why Mental Health Matters.

Below we have a package of videos, writing and ideas for you to easily use with your organization, family and friends. This toolkit makes it easy for you to share either your own voice and story or those of Guild clients and staff to help bring greater awareness to mental health and to reduce the stigma that persists. Together, we can make a difference this Mental Health Awareness Month!

Mental Health Matters.

You can see just how much it matters in the faces and stories of the people who utilize resources and support services, like those offered by Guild, fellow service organizations, and county and state agencies.

Yet despite how much mental health matters, there are often too many barriers between someone in need of support and those reaching out to provide it. From fear of being ‘othered’ or accepting you have an issue with your brain or thoughts, to asking for and receiving the help you need and deserve.

According to the National Institutes of Health, sharing stories around why mental health matters, particularly first-hand recovery narratives, can increase connectedness, validation, hope, empowerment, appreciation, and stigma reduction. 

This Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s show just how much mental health matters by breaking down the barriers to leading fully supported lives.

Video Library

Below you can find a library of videos prepared and approved for sharing digitally ( emails, website or blogs, etc.)

Please credit Guild by tagging us on social or naming us in other placements, and directing your audience to learn more at

Social Media Posts

Use these drafted social media posts when sharing one of the above photos or videos on your channels, and modify to make them your own. The same content can be edited to fit other digital placements.

Social Media Post 1 | Acceptance

Accepting a mental health diagnosis means stepping into a world where you can be fully seen and supported. That’s why #MentalHealthMatters. Join us and @guildservices this month in sharing stories around why mental health matters, so we can change the narrative and end the stigma around mental illness.

Social Media Post 2 | Normalize

Normalizing mental health care access and treatment and fostering open communications and conversation help reduce stigma and break down barriers to care. This #MentalHealthMonth we’re sharing stories from @guildservices to create a more inclusive and accepting community. Join us!

Social Media Post 3 | Support

This #MentalHealthMonth serves as a reminder that there is something each of us can do to show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. Listening, checking in and offering support demonstrate how #MentalHealthMatters and you can join us in building a more accepting community.

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Please reach out to Guild if we can help you in your Mental Health Awareness Month actions – Erica Taylor, Marketing and Communications Manager,