Donor Privacy Policy

Guild has established a policy to demonstrate commitment to maintaining the privacy of donors’ personal information. This policy explains how donor information is collected and used and identifies the ways in which Guild protects donors’ privacy. 

From time to time, personal information is collected when a donor makes a gift. This information may be collected from a personal check or credit card information. It may include the donor’s name, address, telephone number, email address, personal banking information, or credit card information. This information is used to record gifts and to also send acknowledgement for that gift. Correspondence is maintained once personal information is collected, including other important communication as it relates to donations, invitations to events, future solicitation letters, direct mail pieces, our annual report, and email newsletters. Guild will immediately discontinue communication with anyone who submits an oral or written request to do so. 

By email:

By phone: (651) 925-8454

My mail addressed to: Guild Attn: Development Manager
130 South Wabasha Street, Suite 90 Saint Paul, MN 55107 

Guild takes necessary steps to protect donors’ private information. Payment information, such as credit card detail, is collected only to process a transaction and is stored in an encrypted format. Reasonable measures are taken to ensure payment information is not vulnerable to theft of interception. Payment information is not stored or distributed in any manner that is not necessary for processing a transaction. Guild does not sell, share, or trade donor information. Third parties assist in fulfilling orders and other requests involving payment, and these third parties will have access to certain personal information in order to perform their services. All such personal information by these third parties is limited to performance of such services. Reasonable steps are taken to obligate these third parties to handle information appropriately and confidentially. 

Donors may contact Guild regarding the Privacy Policy or privacy-related questions or concerns by using the contact information shown above. 

Definitions 1. Personal Information is any identifying information that a donor provides voluntarily, which may include name, address, telephone number, banking information, credit card information or other identifiable information as it relates to making a charitable gift. 2. Regulation References a. Charities Review Council – Donor Privacy 3. Supporting Documents a. Statement of Policy: Development b. Copy of Ladder of Hope Giving Society Pledge Form – Anonymous Option