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Who Does Guild Serve?

May 13, 2021

We serve individuals 16 and older with a mental illness or those who are experiencing long-term homelessness in the seven-county metro area. This includes Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington County!

Our services include mental health, housing, and job-related services.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for Services?

Eligibility requirements vary by service. To find out if you are eligible for a specific service, you can visit their webpage on and look at the “Eligibility” box on the right side. 

“Guild’s mental health services require a mental health diagnosis,” says Tammi, Mental Health Professional on the Community Access team. “The housing services require a history of homelessness and a referral from Coordinated Entry.”

If you prefer to get eligibility requirements for specific programs via phone, call our Community Access team at 651-925-8490. A member of the team will help you determine what you may be eligible for. If you aren’t eligible for our services, our Community Access team can recommend outside resources.

How Do I Apply?

Call our Community Access team at 651-925-8490 or fill out this form. Someone from the Community Access team will contact you to assist with the enrollment process.

What if I’m Not Eligible?

If you are in need of mental health services but aren’t eligible for services through Guild, you can contact your county’s Adult Mental Health department:

Ramsey: 651-266-7890

Hennepin: 612-348-4111

Dakota: 651-554-6424

Scott: 952-445-7751

Washington: 651-430-6484


If you are in need of housing and aren’t eligible for Guild’s services, you can contact your county to be placed on their Coordinated Entry waiting list:

Ramsey: Families – 651-215-2262, Adults 651-793-2219

Hennepin: 612-348-4111

Dakota: 651-554-5751

Anoka: Families – 763-755-6873, Adults 763-323-7006

Carver: 952-448-7715

Scott: 952-496-2125 ext 00 ask for housing services

Washington: Families – 651-762-9124, Adults 651-430-6488

We Empower People and Change

We specialize in mental health and homelessness because these are issues that affect every part of an individual’s life. 

“Our services aim to close the gap in mental health treatment, housing, and employment,” comments Beth, Chief Clinical Officer at Guild. “We do this because we believe that when one person does better, we all do better. Empowering individuals empowers communities.”

“We believe that everyone deserves safety, shelter, and stability,” says Tammi. “With hard work and dedication, we can assist with achieving these goals.” 

If you find yourself in need of services, call our Community Access team at 651-925-8490. We can help.