Pam with volunteer friend and family

A Poem That Inspires Volunteer Pam

Jan 5, 2021

*Volunteer blog post written by Pam, a dedicated Volunteer Friend to a client. 

Has there ever been a time when one person or one happening awakened something within you? Have you ever wondered if you have made a difference in helping to make this world a better place for someone? 

This poem helped me answer those two questions. 

Being a volunteer friend at Guild is where I feel my ‘power of one’ makes a real impact. This poem came to me through my Guild client friend. We have been together for over four years. During that time, she has made great progress and worked very hard to improve her mental health.  

She has done so well that she has recently completed a certification program that enables her to work in the mental health field. This poem was read at the virtual graduation event celebrating the people who completed the program. Michelle invited me to attend in recognition of the impact I have made in her life. 

One step started our journey of friendship. Michelle appreciates my understanding of the challenges she faces, and the encouragement and emotional support she gets from our relationship.  She has said that she hopes that other individuals served by Guild will get to experience a friendship like the one that we share. 

As a Volunteer Friend, I experience the ‘power of one’ in return. This friendship is so important and fulfilling to me. One life can make a difference, and I am so happy that I chose to make the difference in another’s life by becoming a Guild Volunteer Friend. I hope you do too.

Here is the poem I referenced:  


“The Power of One” by Ashish Ram 

One song can spark a moment, 

One whisper can wake the dream. 

One tree can start a forest, 

One bird can herald spring. 


One smile begins a friendship, 

One moment can make one fall in love. 

One star can guide a ship at sea, 

One word can frame the goal 


One vote can change a nation, 

One sunbeam lights a room 

One candle wipes out darkness, 

One laugh will conquer gloom. 


One step must start each journey. 

One word must start each prayer. 

One hope will raise our spirits, 

One touch can show you care. 


One voice can speak with wisdom, 

One heart can know what’s true, 

One life can make a difference, 

You see, it’s up to you! 


Volunteer Friends at Guild meet with Guild clients to help them feel less isolated. These meetings can take place however often and wherever the volunteer sees fit. During COVID-19, friends have met over the phone, video chat, or socially distanced outside. To learn more about becoming a Guild volunteer, click here.