The Importance of Giving Gratitude

The Importance of Giving Gratitude

Nov 22, 2023

At Guild, we often say we walk alongside clients throughout their entire journey. Lasting change happens one small step at a time—and we are committed to staying with clients as they work to create their own paths. Along that journey, gratitude is an essential tool while taking the next step.

Why is gratitude important?

Practicing gratitude can make you feel happier and less stressed. Even though each person’s health and care are different, research has found that besides reducing stress, gratitude can also help reduce feelings of sadness, worry, problems with long-lasting pain, and the chances of getting sick. To see why gratitude can be so important, our clients are the experts. One of our clients, Maxine, took a moment to share her wisdom.

Maxine’s Journey Toward Stability and Gratitude

Maxine came to Guild after years of struggling through abuse, addiction, trauma, and homelessness. “I felt like society just threw me away like I was trash. I didn’t think I would ever have help. I felt like I was drowning.”

But her life began to change one day while staying in a local shelter. “I’m lying on the bench, just feeling so down. Missing my children. I’m thinking, ‘There’s nobody here to help me.’” But someone was there to help her: One of Guild’s homeless services case managers. 

“You treated us like we were human, not like we were trash. People forget: You might be homeless, but you still are human. You’re just down on your luck right now.”

“She said ‘here, here’s the key.’ I said, ‘to my apartment?’ You know, because I can’t believe it. So I locked the door and I went in and I fell on the floor and kissed the floor.” Today, Maxine is happier, more stable. “I’m not scared to speak my mind. Because I’m not that weak. I can’t believe I’m living a sober life now. I’m still in shock.” 

Gratitude at Guild

At Guild, we believe struggling with mental illness or homelessness is nothing to be ashamed of and should never be a barrier to finding safety, security, and community. 

We are grateful to the clients who allow us to partner with them on their journey. We’re grateful to our staff and partners for their dedication to our clients and community. And we’re grateful to the individuals and organizations who entrust us with their donations and ensure we can show up when people like Maxine need us most. 

If you are able, we invite you to make a financial contribution today.