Staff Spotlight: Heather Hammond, Philanthropy Officer

Mar 22, 2022

We recently told you about our Philanthropy Department, the people who make sure Guild can sustain its critically important services. Now we’d like to introduce you to one of the key staff members in Philanthropy. Meet Heather Hammond, our Philanthropy Officer. 

Heather always knew she wanted to work in philanthropy. “I saw the impact [of philanthropy] firsthand while growing up with the stories of my mom being homeless with my two brothers up until I was six weeks old,” Heather told us. She pursued this path when she went to college at Hamline University, receiving a degree in Business with a minor in Nonprofit Management.  

Now at Guild, Heather describes the Philanthropy Department as “a large lake with rivers that flow to each of our service lines, providing them with additional support for them to grow and serve our clients. Each time an individual, foundation, or corporate partner donates to us, it’s adding water to the lake, providing us with more to distribute to our clinical teams bringing Guild’s mission to life.” Heather’s role is to steward relationships with folks who are giving to Guild, making sure all those donations make their way into the lake and finding new channels of giving. 

Specifically, Heather is focused on growing support through current and new corporate sector partnerships, working with foundations, and leading events. In addition, she will have a major role in building the volunteer services program at Guild. 

Though Heather has worked with incredible organizations in the past, she found herself attracted to Guild because of “how we do our work and our lifelong approach as a true partner to our clients. Guild isn’t here for the quick fix or temporary solutions. Our work is guided by what each client actually needs.”

When asked about the challenges to Guild’s sustainability, Heather shared, “Without a doubt, the biggest barrier I’ve seen is the value our staff provides for mental health resources not being properly matched by the reimbursement rates.” She sees philanthropic giving as “bridging that gap between what a system might reimburse us for and the full scope of services our clients actually need.” She added, “Philanthropic giving can make it possible for our staff to say ‘yes, we can help with that,’ more often to those we serve.”

If you’re interested in getting engaged with Guild, Heather would love for you to reach out to her. She told us, “I promise whatever you’re interested in giving, whether time, monetary gifts or connections, there’s a place for it at Guild. Philanthropic support plays a vital role in bringing our mission to life, and your partnership is invaluable.”

Connect with Heather, Help Guild. 

Connect with Heather today to figure out what you can do to help Guild achieve its critical mission. You can reach out at