A mosaic artwork features two people hugging with the words empowerment, perseverance, dignity, collaboration, innovation, and

Service-Inspired Art: Helping Hands Visualized at Guild Wabasha

Apr 20, 2023

Light and hope have arrived in our Wabasha location welcome area thanks to two renowned local artists. 

Mosaic artist Daniela Bianchini and muralist Pablo Kalaka were selected from a talented pool of 28 applications to design and install a commissioned art piece that represents a cultural point of view, Guild’s role in our community, and where we are going in the future. We were so inspired and humbled by all of the artists’ applications!

The mosaic has been installed and we revealed it today! Here is a snippet of Daniela and Pablo’s vision for the artwork:

 We are proposing a work of art that represents the helping hands of this organization while acknowledging the struggles and efforts of the people receiving the help. We hope for all the values of Guild not only be represented in the artwork but also be named as well. The sun represents the hope and the light of the brighter future we seek. The symbols on the corners represent the different seasons and the pass of time as a way of stating support and perseverance over time.

As for the colors of this work, we chose the bright yellow for the sun and background because we want to create that sense of bright future and light at the end of the struggles. The blues provide a calm and also symbolizes trust, loyalty and faith. There will be thousands of small glass pieces coming together to form the art work. We think this also acts as a metaphor of all the people and pieces coming together within Guild to form such a wonderful organization with great causes.

We are thrilled to see this vision and our mission articulation come to life. We look forward to all our visitors, especially clients, enjoying the inspiring, hopeful art for years to come.

Special thank you to Guild staff members who served on the Arts Committee and led this through search and selection process, and to our talented artist partners for your incredible work.