the WISH team

Program Highlight: WISH

Aug 19, 2021

Guild’s WISH team helps individuals with a history of chronic homelessness and a chronic disabling condition to find and keep housing.

WISH stands for Wellness, Independence, Support, and Housing. The team helps clients secure housing by walking alongside them as they work towards their unique goals.

“All of our services are guided by and tailored to the individual and their current situation,” says Program Manager Lily.

The team can help clients find housing, physical and mental health care resources, and explore career or educational opportunities. WISH also includes a housing subsidy that helps clients pay for housing, so they aren’t overwhelmed by the cost of rent.

Who Does WISH Serve?

The WISH team helps individuals who are chronically homeless and have a chronic disabling condition. Someone is chronically homeless when they have been living in a place not meant for human habitation for the last year or those who have experienced four episodes of homelessness within the last three years. Chronic disabling conditions can be a serious mental or physical illness or another disorder.

People are referred to WISH through Ramsey and Hennepin County Coordinated Entry

What’s it Like Being on the WISH Team?

“A typical day consists of being available for my team to discuss things going on with participants, providing supervision for the four WISH case managers, working to develop program processes to assure the team runs smoothly, and participating in meetings both internally and with external partners.”

The WISH team consists of a wide variety of specialists, so clients are able to get their various needs met. The team includes case managers, nurses, mental health professionals, and Employment Specialists.

When asked for a fun fact about the WISH team, Lily says, “We have more pets than children on the team! There are 9 children and 15 pets, including 6 cats, 5 dogs, 2 fish, and 2 snails.” 

Get Started With Coordinated Entry

To get started on the path towards permanent housing, contact your county’s Coordinated Entry team. To support Guild’s WISH services, make a donation today.