Julie, Our CEO, and George, our Director of Development

How Donations Fuel Our Mission

Jul 20, 2021

Our mission is simple: we want to provide people with access to high-quality mental health, housing, and employment services. We do this because we believe that every person deserves dignity, wellness, and happiness. To make this happen, we rely partially on the generosity of our amazing community and their contributions–for which we are incredibly thankful for. 

If you’re a current donor or thinking about donating to us, you may wonder what your money goes towards. Well, look no further, we’ve got your answers in this blog!

Donations Directly Support Our Work

Donations go directly towards supporting Guild’s services and staff. Contributions are used where they are needed the most at the time of donation, like towards program expenses, for example. Some donors also choose to give to special initiatives like the Angel Fund, a fund that provides one-time gifts to our clients to help them meet immediate needs like clinic co-payments, transportation, interview clothes, medication, and more.

“Guild depends on the generosity of our supporters to continue providing our life-saving services,” says Senior Philanthropy Officer George Broostin. “The donations are essential. Your donations make a direct impact.”

Continued Donations Support Our Growth

One of Guild’s goals for the future is to grow in order to meet the needs of the community. This means that in addition to one-time donations being important to our day-to-day work, multi-year sustaining pledges also provide us with a stability to grow. As George says, “the benefit of sustaining gifts is that they allow Guild to plan ahead. With pledges, we know what donations to anticipate which allows us to plan for both sustaining current services and to plan for growth.”

Recently, and with the help of our community, we’ve been able to add more services, such as SOAR and Operation OVER. We’ve also had the ability to expand our services and open the Guild Crisis and Recovery Center, Scott County in 2020. 

Donations Give Clients Access 

Donations also go towards covering costs for our Community Access services. The Community Access team offers free phone consultations for callers seeking support, guidance, and resource information. This team provides callers with helpful information tailored to their specific situation. 

Join our Mission to Create a More Caring Community.

Donations help us create a more caring, considerate, and strong community. And when our community does better, we all do better. So, join our mission and donate today!


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