Connecting Skilled Workers to Competitive Employment

Dec 14, 2022

For many people, working is about more than earning money. It can improve our self-esteem, build a routine, boost confidence, and create community.

Using an evidence-based practice of supportive employment for individuals living with a serious mental illness, Guild’s Employment Services help find and retain job opportunities that fit every individual’s skill set and ambitions. This person-centered approach acknowledges that we are experts in our own lives and embraces the perspectives that arise from individual identities, cultures, values, and relationships. By placing power with the client and providing them with information and support, they can achieve their career goals.

Graphic reads "work is about more than a paycheck. work should provide a sense of wellbeing, a place to make friends, and something to talk about when asked 'what do you do?'"When a Guild client expresses that employment is a goal as part of their mental health recovery, they work one-on-one with an employment specialist at Guild who gets to know their work preferences and strengths. Together, they work together to explore potential job opportunities, including creating a comprehensive plan that involves developing a resume, scheduling interviews, and filling out applications.

A Foot in the Door

To give clients the best chance of success, Guild’s employment specialists actively seek out job leads with employers around the Twin Cities metro. By engaging in conversations with potential employers about what it means to employ a person living with a serious and persistent mental illness, our teams can answer any questions and provide insight on reasonable accommodations.

Once a job is secured, our employment specialists continue to work with both the client and the employer, if necessary. If any workplace problems arise, Guild steps in to help troubleshoot alongside all parties.

Who is Eligible

Guild’s Adult Employment Services help adults living with a serious and persistent mental illness living in Dakota, Ramsey, or Scott County. Individuals are referred through Guild’s Targeted Case Management services or from outside case management organizations in Scott and Dakota County.

Youth Employment and Education Services help individuals living with a psychiatric illness who are ages 16 to 24 and live in Dakota County.

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