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Guild Opens in Scott County

Nov 11, 2020

The Guild Crisis and Recovery Center in Scott County opens today, Monday, November 16th at 9AM. Inpatient residential mental health services will be provided at this brand new site, including Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) and Crisis Stabilization Services.

The First Crisis Center in Scott County

Guild understands the complexities and hardships of the mental health system, which is exactly why we’ve been at the forefront of change. As an industry leader, we’re always seeking innovative solutions and partnerships, so bringing Guild to Scott County was a natural fit.

The Guild Crisis and Recovery Center will be the first of its kind in the Southwest metro. Our inpatient mental health services will help more of our Twin Cities community get access to life-saving services. Not only will individuals get the help they need, but they will also be in a safe space with trauma-informed design in mind. With plenty of natural light and individual rooms and bathrooms, individuals at the site will feel dignified and empowered.

Of course, strict COVID-19 guidelines will be followed at Guild Crisis and Recovery Center. To learn more about how we’re coping with COVID-19, you can email info@guildservices.org

More People Will Get the Help They Need

IRTS and Crisis services are vital to communities. Being turned away from services can mean waiting in a hospital emergency department, which can be unequipped with the right resources to help psychiatric patients. Or, it can mean going home, where the crisis can get worse.

For many years, officials in the Southwest metro have raised their concerns about the lack of mental health resources in Scott County. Individuals in Scott County who meet the criteria for inpatient residential services often have to travel a long distance from home to receive services, sometimes as far away as Fargo, North Dakota. 

Removal from one’s community can be harmful to mental health. As our Executive Director Julie Bluhm states, “we believe people can, and do, do well in the community of their choice as long as they have enough services to be successful.”

We’re excited to provide the first residential mental health facility in this area. Our Director of Coordinated Health and Residential Services, Mary Beth Fessler, comments, “Scott County is so ready and eager to provide more mental health services and we’re thrilled to partner with that community.” 

In addition to bringing much-needed mental health services to the area, the facility will also provide new job and volunteer opportunities. But it will also provide additional value to the community. Says Beth Scheetz, Chief Clinical Officer, “It will bring awareness, understanding and resources regarding mental illness and mental health services.” 

The new site will allow Guild to treat more clients than before. In 2018, Guild South and Maureen’s House turned away 73% of potential clients because of space limitations. We’re looking forward to having a higher capacity to treat the people who need it most. 

Open NOW!

Guild Crisis and Recovery Center is open. Information for the site is below.

Address: 12390 Ottawa Ave, Savage MN 55378

Phone: 952-955-9977

Fax: 612-235-6436

Crisis Number: 651-347-9889

Watch a Video Tour!


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