The new Wabasha office lobby and reception

Reopening July 6th: The Guild Wabasha Office!

Jul 1, 2021

Guild’s new Wabasha office (we moved to the building next door to our old Wabasha office) opens on July 6th! Our new address is 122 Wabasha St. S., Saint Paul, MN 55107, right under the banner that says “Guild”!

Starting July 6th, our new office will be ready to welcome the public. You’ll be greeted by reception, able to pick up your prescriptions from the Genoa Pharmacy, and will have easy access to your scheduled appointments with your care team.

Covid-19 Safety Information

Each Guild location has Covid-19 protocols. Please check out past blogs or social media posts for more information. Alternatively, message us on social media or email and we can provide you with location-specific information.

For our Wabasha Office

  • Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals. For staff, clients, and community members who are not fully vaccinated, masks are required in all common areas. Disposable masks will be available. 
  • All staff members will continue to practice safety measures including frequent handwashing, staying home when feeling ill, and more. 
  • Guild’s Facilities team will frequently sanitize surfaces and spaces. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in various easy-to-find locations. 
  • For any questions or more detail, email

What’s New?

  • Easy-to-access Genoa Pharmacy counter. If your prescriptions are filled through Genoa Pharmacy, you can pick them up at Guild’s 122 Wabasha St. S. office!
  • Computers for client use. Need to access a computer? We’ve got you! Stop on by.
  • More consultation and exam rooms. We now have more space for clients to meet with Guild staff at the Wabasha office. Appointments will be held on the first floor.
  • Donations area. We have many wonderful partners and donors in the community who donate resources for our clients. Now we have a better place to store and give away these items! If you’re interested in making a donation, contact our development team at

Why the Move?

One of the reasons we moved to our new Wabasha office is to better serve our clients. The space is bigger, brighter, and able to accommodate more clients and staff. We built the first floor to serve as a client-centered space, where meetings and medication pick-ups can take place.

We also made changes to ensure our staff have space for their needs. As the demand for Guild’s services grows, our teams are growing to meet the need. From adding staff to launching new programs, Guild has been busy! Our larger Wabasha office is equipped to support this growth while ensuring Guild’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere remains the same. Our open, team-oriented, and expanded office space gives us the opportunity to support our growth and gives staff the tools they need to better serve our community.

Come Visit!

Guild Wabasha

122 Wabasha St. S., Suite 400

Saint Paul, MN 55107

Business Line: (651) 450-2220

Services Line: (651) 291-0067


For questions regarding the new office, please email