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What Is Stabilization?

Aug 13, 2021

In the mental health world, we talk a lot about finding stability. But what does stabilization actually mean?

For someone staying at a residential mental health facility, it may look like reducing symptoms of their mental illness, learning coping skills, or getting help managing medications. To learn more about stabilization, we talked to Alaina, our Program Supervisor at Guild Crisis and Recovery Center in Scott County.


Q: At Guild Crisis and Recovery Center, we help our clients regain stability. What does “stability” mean in terms of mental health and mental illness?

Alaina: Guild Scott County staff recognize that stability has countless faces. However, staff work to provide skills that promote self-empowerment and create a sense of personal wellness. As staff deliver groups, individual interactions, and services, they strive to build resilience and self-actualization within the residents to promote stability. Within the community, staff work to de-stigmatize mental illness so people can live in a world where they are accepted for exactly who they are. 


Q: How does Guild Crisis and Recovery Center help clients stabilize their mental health? What skills do staff teach clients so they can maintain their stability once they leave the Crisis and Recovery Center?

Alaina: We utilize different evidence-based practices and approaches to promote stabilization and recovery. Examples of what we offer clients include helping them to:

  • Meet immediate needs including clothing, food, and medical
  • Create a treatment and recovery plan based on resident needs and goals
  •  Develop symptom management and coping skills
  • Understand and maintain medication adherence
  • Build different living skills to foster independence and transition back to the community
  • Maintain safety and sobriety by providing 24/7 supervision and support
  • Coordinate with existing providers and secure new resources 


Find Stability With Us

The Guild Crisis and Recovery Center, Scott County, offers Intensive Residential Treatment Services and Crisis Stabilization Services. Clients stay in a safe, home-like environment where they have 24/7 support.

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