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Program Highlight: Coming Home

May 20, 2021

The Coming Home program connects individuals at the psychiatric unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul with mental health, housing, and employment services.

For individuals with a mental illness, it’s tough to figure out how to access resources on their own. That’s where Coming Home comes in. Guild staff partner with individuals and help them complete Coordinated Entry assessments and make sure they’re on the right path to secure housing.

“By partnering with the inpatient unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital, we catch those that may otherwise fall through the cracks and help them complete an assessment and engage in services,” says Program Manager Lily.

The Coming Home team can also refer their clients to other programs, such as Employment Services and IRTS & Crisis Stabilization services.

“Coming Home is an important program because we are working with individuals who are experiencing long-term homelessness to reduce their utilization of emergency services,” says Coming Home Case Manager Joan.

“Along with the impact on participants, programs like Coming Home also cut down on system costs including law enforcement, shelters, and hospitals,” says Lily. Clients often significantly decrease their emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays. “Almost all participants are currently in housing and several have had stable housing since they first enrolled in the program. Most participants are also now connected to primary care and additional community supports to empower them to improve their overall well-being.” 

Who Does Coming Home Serve?

The Coming Home program works with people who are at the psychiatric unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital and who have a history of chronic homelessness. Chronic homelessness means an individual has spent a year or more residing on the street, in an emergency shelter, or in a place not meant for human habitation. Clients must also be diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

What’s it Like Being a Part of the Coming Home Team?

“A typical day has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, but Coming Home continues to meet the needs of clients in the safest way,” says Joan.

Joan partners with hospital social workers to determine an individual’s eligibility. Then, she works with clients to address their barriers to housing. The team connects them with the services they need to avoid future homelessness and psychiatric hospital stays

“Most of my clients have been with me for years,” says Joan. “It is nice to see their successes and progress from year to year. My clients know that I want to help them and want what is best for them.”

In Need of Assistance?

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