Jontel, Guild Receptionist

Getting Help at Guild with Receptionist Jontel

Jun 7, 2021

At Guild, we always strive to be here for those who reach out to us. And, one of the main people who is ready to help is one of our fantastic Receptionists at our Wabasha location, Jontel! 

Jontel helps future and current clients and answers Guild’s main phone line for Saint Paul. She gets callers connected to the services they need, which often means transferring them to the Community Access team.

The Community Access team is the front door to Guild’s services. The team assesses potential clients, determines what resources they need, and provides them with the necessary referrals.

Here’s what Jontel has to say about getting callers the help they ask for.


Q: What sort of help do people typically look for when they call our mainline?

Jontel: Most people are looking for housing opportunities. Also, a mental health caseworker.

Q: When/why do you transfer callers to Community Access services?

Jontel: I transfer calls to Community Access when clients need help with onboarding to become a Guild client or if they need more in-depth information on a program.

Q: What encourages people to reach out to Guild when they need help?

Jontel: Word of mouth. Most of our clients are referred from other clients that work with one of our case managers or housing support staff. Also, people that need help with their mental health and don’t know where to start.

Q: Why are Guild’s services needed in our community?

Jontel: Our services are needed to reduce the risk of chronic diseases related to stress, anxiety, and substance abuse. Also, to save lives while improving the outlook for people who may feel hopeless and lost. Guild staff do great in the community to help lower the risk.


Connecting You to the Right Resources

Interested in getting on the road to recovery? Call our Community Access team at (651) 925-8490.