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On Gratitude: A Letter from Guild CEO Julie Bluhm

Nov 24, 2022

We find ourselves in that contemplative time of year when many of us reflect on what we’re grateful for and celebrate the people and parts of life that matter most to us. I practice carving out time each November to intentionally think about what I feel thankful for, particularly focusing on our work at Guild.

I don’t come to this practice lightly. I am all too familiar with the problems – many of them systemic – that Guild and our clients face. In a world where people endure such challenging circumstances, it can feel counterintuitive to think about gratitude. Of course, none of us are grateful for the enormous problems our clients face every day. But, I am deeply thankful for the Guild teams who show up to make those challenges more bearable and walk alongside our clients through the most difficult parts of their lives with unflinching dedication and steadfast compassion. 

I am also profoundly grateful for our clients who demonstrate remarkable resilience, patience, and strength. Without the work clients do to cope and improve their mental health and circumstances, our staff’s work would not be possible—our model is based on partnership. In light of the trauma and suffering that so many of our clients have faced, I am thankful that we get to meet them on their path toward healing. 

And I am grateful for you – for all of Guild’s community. It takes many people to support our work, including our financial supporters who make every payroll, electric bill, and program possible. The enormity of what you contribute to our community is reflected in the transformed lives of our clients.

To our entire community of staff, clients and supporters – thank you for all you do to make Guild the wonderful place it is to work, to heal, and to grow in the community. I am truly grateful.

– Julie Bluhm


Featured in photo: Julie, Peggy, and Jenna at Guild’s annual staff and family picnic!