Putting a Face to Mental Health:

Talking about mental health can be tough, but it's the stories of people who've been through it- that make all the difference. At Guild, we’re here to cheer on the brave storytellers. They're the real experts because they've lived it. By listening to these stories and sharing our own, we're not just learning—we're building a community where everyone feels seen and supported. Join us in celebrating the strength of sharing and learn more below!

Meet Mal: Finding Hope and Help in Mental Health

Meet Kathy: Artist and Joy Maker

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During Mental Health Awareness Month our goal is to spread the stories and strength of those living with mental illness. Click here to find our tool kit and be a part of hundreds of Minnesotans breaking the stigma around mental Illness.

Share your story!

Whether through art, poetry, recordings, or written words, sharing your experiences can inspire others and foster connection. Don’t hesitate—submit your work today and become part of a community dedicated to breaking down barriers and celebrating the power of storytelling.

About Guild

Guild empowers those living with mental illness and/or experiencing long-term homelessness by helping them lead stable, fulfilling lives in their chosen community.

On any given day, we provide 480 points of service to our clients in the Twin Cities metro area. From mental health crisis services to street outreach, our team is ready to help in some of the toughest situations. Learn more about our spectrum of services below.

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Bash for Mental Health

Party with a purpose at this 21+ event, and join us as we celebrate Mental Health!

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