About Us

Who We Are

Guild empowers those living with mental illness and/or experiencing long-term homelessness by helping them lead stable, fulfilling lives in their chosen community. 

Our Purpose

We empower change through engaging individuals and communities, embracing their needs and elevating their voices. We do this work with a spectrum of services because mental illness is different for everyone, and everyone is worthy of shelter, connection, and stability. We recognize that systems built on racial inequity and social injustice significantly impact the lives of the people we serve and have resulted in high disparities in health care and the social determinants of health. We are fully committed to addressing these critical components to the fulfillment of our purpose.

    Empowering People

    On any given day, 346 services are provided per day to our clients in the Twin Cities metro area. From mental health crisis services to street outreach, our team is ready to help in some of the toughest situations. Not only are our services backed by research, they’re also mobile, meaning they’re provided when and where needed.

    At Guild, you’ll find compassionate people who are ready to serve in our communities. We start by asking how we can help and go from there. Because mental illness and homelessness looks different for everyone, we bring a team-based approach that delivers person-centered care.

    Empowering Change

    Most people don’t want to talk about mental illness or know how to approach the growing homeless population. These topics can be difficult, nuanced and even troubling to talk about. But, we’re on a mission to change that. Because these issues affect all of us.  

    Guild works toward destigmatizing mental health and homelessness at all levels. Our strong partnerships with entities such as the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Mental Health Legislative Network, give us a seat at the table where we advocate for policy change. Giving voice to our clients and connection in our communities allows us to dispel myths and create understanding. 

    Our Values

    Our Work

    Equity at the Center  

    Recognizing the inherent worth in all human beings, Guild places equity at the center of our work. We dispel discriminatory beliefs that don’t acknowledge mental illness as a disability that must and can be accommodated with the right support. Guild’s work is about restoring dignity and providing solid ground for everybody.    

    Accredited and Backed by Research

    Guild has over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality, services and sustaining high-fidelity standards. We are committed to implementing the most effective services through proven modalities and best practices.   

    Our North Star

    View our  2021-2024 Strategic Plan to see where we’re going.