About Us

Who We Are

Guild is a Minnesota not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers those living with mental illness and/or experiencing long-term homelessness by helping them find the tools they need to lead stable, fulfilling lives in communities of their choosing. 

View our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan to see where we’re going.

Empowering People

On any given day, Guild serves nearly 900 individuals in the Twin Cities metro area. From mental health crisis services to street outreach, our team is ready to help in some of the toughest situations. Not only are our services backed by research, they’re also mobile, meaning they’re provided in the community when and where needed.

Do you have a mental illness or find yourself chronically homeless? We’re there for you. Do you need mental health treatment, housing assistance, or employment services? We can help. Need services that can meet you where you’re at? We’re ready.

At Guild, you’ll find compassionate industry leaders who are ready to serve the most vulnerable in our communities. We start by asking how we can help and go from there. Because mental illness and homelessness look different for everyone, we promise to deliver person-centered care that’s backed by multiple teams ready to meet you where and when you need help.

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Empowering Change

Most people don’t want to talk about mental illness. Most people aren’t sure what to do about the growing homeless population. These topics can be difficult, troubling, and even scary to talk about. But, we’re on a mission to change that. Because these issues affect everyone—not just those suffering. That’s why we’re committed to meeting unmet needs, empowering communities, and helping people achieve their goals—whatever they may be.

We do this work because we know that with the right treatment and services, hard work, and perseverance, people with mental illness can drastically improve the quality of their lives. We know because we experience it every day. But, it’s about more than a specific service, it’s about restoring dignity and providing solid ground. Everyone is worthy of safety, shelter, and stability. And we’re not going to stop working until that happens.

Our Purpose

Empowering change through engaging individuals and communities, embracing needs and elevating voices. 

We fulfill our purpose when individuals we serve:

  • Maintain their optimum physical and mental health.
  • Live in safe, affordable housing and avoid homelessness.
  • Find employment or pursue education.
  • Have recreational or socialization activities.
  • Report a sense of satisfaction with their lives.
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Empowerment. We give our clients and staff the whole picture and support them to make their own choices. We empower people to discover their potential.

Dignity. We view our clients and staff as people first. We believe everyone is worthy of respect, fairness, honesty, and transparency.

Collaboration. We support one another, partners, and community members. We share ideas and resources within and outside of Guild. 

Innovation. We bring new ideas and solutions to the table. We try new things–failure is an opportunity for learning.

Perseverance. We show up when others don’t. And, we don’t give up. We provide continuity of care and commitment.

Equity at the Center

Guild believes that all people deserve access to quality health care and services needed to meet the basic needs of housing, income, and social connection. We recognize that systems built on inequity and social injustice significantly impact the lives of the people we serve and have resulted in high disparities in health care and the social determinants of health. Our purpose is to embrace the needs of individuals and communities while elevating voices and empowering change. Therefore, we are committed to addressing equity, inclusion, and access as critical components to the fulfillment of our mission.

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